Two-story modular buildings

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Two-story modular buildings: style and reliability

Two-storey modular buildings are pre-fabricated structures based on block containers. They are combined into a single whole directly at the site of their future deployment.

The range of use of modular construction is very wide. Buildings can serve both permanent and temporary functions. You can order the construction of a retail outlet, cafe, office, etc. from a specialized company. The cost of the company's work is relatively low.

The scope of use of two-story modular buildings

Modern technologies and high quality building materials allow the technology to be applied in the construction of various buildings that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Frame two-story buildings can be erected for arrangement:

  • kindergarten,
  • medical institution,
  • pharmacies.

Over the years of its existence in the construction market, our company has gained experience in the construction of residential and work buildings:

  • large modular houses,
  • compact houses for living,
  • specialized buildings.

We have created an impressive catalog of objects that the visitor can view on our website.

Advantages of two-story buildings from LSTK

The strengths of modular frame construction are obvious:

  1. The project is pre-fabricated. The minimum construction period for a two-storey building made of LSTK is one week. During this period, employees carry out everything: from discussing the plan to installing modules on the site.
  2. Reliability. The robust structures can be easily disassembled, transported and securely installed in a new location.
  3. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  4. Two-storey modular buildings are erected according to a ready-made template or a specially prepared architectural project.
  5. Good external characteristics. A cozy and attractive residential building can be built from metal blocks in no time.
  6. Reasonable price. It is much cheaper to buy a finished building from our company.

Construction can be carried out at any time of the year.

Principles for the construction of two-story modular buildings

Frame two-story buildings from LSTC can be erected on: slab, strip, pile, columnar types of foundations

A suitable option for two-story buildings made of LSTC is a strip foundation. This is a reliable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly option.

The uniqueness of modular construction is that during the execution of work, the environmental impact is minimal. Neighbors are not worried about dust, noise and tons of debris around.

The creation of a frame two-story building in the factory takes most of the time. Ready-made blocks on the site are mounted in a few hours (maximum within a day). The customer can move into the built house and settle in immediately after the installation of the blocks.