About Pre-fabricated technology

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Light steel thin-walled structures - LSTK, began to be actively used in construction more than 50 years ago, and during this time they were able to become one of the most popular and widely demanded materials for the construction of buildings of various types and types. Today, they are used to build shops, residential buildings, hotels, cottages, garages and many other structures. The principle of the technology lies in the use of light galvanized steel profiles up to 2 mm thick (LSTK), which form the supporting metal frame of the future building.

The metalwork plant has been manufacturing, installing and processing various metal structures for many years. It should be noted that Zavod Metalokonstruktsiy guarantees the highest quality at an affordable price. Metal structures Kiev are made only of the best quality and in accordance with all standards and norms. We closely monitor the quality of our product.

History of technology
As you know, LSTK is a priority construction technology for us, on which we have focused. Many people mistakenly believe that this is some kind of very new and "unfinished" technology, especially in Russia. But the history of LSTK may surprise you greatly!

In the early 50s of the 20th century, a certain unknown LSTK technology appeared in Canada, and by the mid-50s it had become so popular that almost all Canadians began to use it, instead of wooden frames. In cities, it was even difficult to find a house built of a wooden frame.

Why has the LSTK become so popular? At that time, houses burned much more often, and special means to increase the fire resistance of a wooden frame did not yet exist, which is largely why people began to pay attention to the LSTK design, which does not burn, and besides, it is cheaper. Over time, US residents began to use this technology more often.
  • When the technology first appeared, it was used exclusively in industrial facilities, because it had one significant drawback - the frame froze through. Consequently, at first it was not very good to build country houses using the LSTK technology. Who needs a cold home?

    But the technology was quickly improved! A thermal profile was developed, which, thanks to special thermal penetrations, brilliantly solved the problem of freezing. And with the advent of high-quality insulation, such as stone wool. Houses made of LSTK have become even warmer than brick houses.
    Unfortunately, not all people want to delve into technology and understand how it works. They see that the house is made of metal and immediately conclude that the house is freezing. People who delve into technology and subsequently choose it, get a cheaper and warmer house.
  • The history of LSTK is more than 60 years old. But if in the West the technology has been studied by people from and to, then in Ukraine they are still skeptical about thin walls. Largely due to the harsh climate and our mentality.

    True, little by little, the younger generation is showing interest in technology and no doubt they are building houses from LSTK. In Ukraine, there are really few companies capable of building a high-quality house from a galvanized thermal profile. We are responsible for the quality and give guarantees that the house will stand for a long time and it will be comfortable to live in it! Do not believe me, we are always waiting for you in our office.
LSTK composition
Lightweight steel thin-walled structures consist of galvanized profiles: guides, posts and lintels. Fastening of light steel thin-walled structures can be carried out using threaded connections (screws, self-drilling or tapping screws), bolts.
  • Frame technology for the construction of residential, industrial and office buildings is the most common solution in low-rise construction.
  • Frame technology for the construction of residential, industrial and office buildings is the most common solution in low-rise construction.
  • Frame technology for the construction of residential, industrial and office buildings is the most common solution in low-rise construction.
Advantages of LSTK buildings
Wide architectural possibilities. LSTK technology allows constructing frame buildings for various purposes: residential, retail, office, commercial, industrial buildings, attics, it is also possible to use high-rise buildings as enclosing structures. No need for construction equipment. Construction technology based on LSTC in most cases does not require the use of heavy lifting equipment, which can significantly reduce labor costs, as well as preserve the integrity of the surrounding landscape.
Application area
Logistic complexes

They are special-purpose centers in which goods are stored and processed, customs clearance takes place, information services are provided;

Warehouse complexes

Specially equipped rooms, large by the area in which various types of professional equipment are located and there is an internal transport system that performs the functions of receiving, placing and safe storage of goods


Hangars for storing agricultural products, agricultural machinery, as well as greenhouses, poultry houses, pigsties, cowsheds and other livestock facilities;

Industrial and shopping complexes

Production workshops of factories, factories, places for assembling finished products, retail premises, hotels, cafes, canteens, shopping centers, entertainment complexes, etc.

Athletic facilities

Specialized complexes for special purposes, in which classes are held for the purpose of physical recovery, as well as preparation for sports competitions, educational work;

Administrative and amenity complexes

Such facilities are used to accommodate working teams and service personnel in cases when the place of work is located in a remote area or hard-to-reach territorial zone;