Prefabricated multi-storey buildings

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Prefabricated multi-storey buildings: a look into the future

In Ukraine, the housing problem is acute, because capital construction takes a lot of time. But prefabricated multi-storey buildings can be an excellent solution to this problem. It is also a great alternative to brick and concrete buildings. The company-manufacturer of prefabricated multi-storey buildings “Frame Factory” is ready to help in this. Let's make a reservation right away: we are not talking about high-rise buildings, because a frame apartment building with 2+ floors is also a multi-storey one. Since the late 1980s, similar buildings have been actively built in the USA, Canada and many European countries.

The Frame Factory company is ready to manufacture a frame apartment building at a reasonable price in its own production. Also, such modular structures from LSTK are ordered for the construction of dormitories, accommodation of workers, hotels and other commercial real estate.

Advantages of prefabricated multi-storey buildings

The main advantage of frame apartment buildings is the operational speed of construction (just a couple of months) in comparison with capital structures. The installation of such buildings is also very simple with bolts and self-tapping screws with the involvement of just a few builders. All this allows you to solve the housing problem or make money on the sale of apartments in prefabricated multi-storey buildings almost instantly.
Other benefits include:

  1. no shrinkage of the building after its construction, over time the walls do not dry out, do not warp;
  2. flat surface of the walls, which greatly simplifies the decoration and saves money;
  3. the possibility of all-season construction of frame apartment buildings;
  4. the low weight of the wall structures makes it possible not to attract heavy equipment to the construction site or to do this extremely rarely;
  5. attracting a small number of builders thanks to the precise factory fit of the prefabricated multi-storey building, along with the simple technology of its assembly, will save up to 50% of investments during construction;
  6. high seismic resistance of frame buildings - up to 7 points;
  7. prefabricated multi-storey buildings are made of reliable and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health;
  8. frame walls are resistant to mold and mildew;
  9. saving money and time on the foundation during construction.

LSTK apartment buildings are a profitable investment in any city. Just count: their construction will be cheaper than SIP panels and brick or concrete buildings.

Why is it worth ordering prefabricated multi-storey buildings from us?

In their own production, employees of the "Frame Factory" company will manufacture light steel structures and deliver them to your construction site in any locality in Ukraine (Kharkov, Odessa, Ternopil, etc.). They will arrive ready for installation according to your estimate. And you can immediately start building a frame apartment building in any weather.

We directly order all building materials, carefully monitoring their quality. Also, thanks to our own plant, every stage of production is monitored. Check out our catalog of prefabricated multi-storey buildings and buy a suitable option for the planned construction at a favorable price. We are also ready to create for you a frame apartment building according to an individual project, just share your vision with the managers. The future belongs to prefabricated multi-storey buildings!