Modular first-aid post

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Modular paramedical and obstetric stations (FAPs) - medical care in small towns and fields

The metal frame factory offers you to buy modular FAPs for construction in remote areas and settlements with a small population. Goods from the manufacturer of frame buildings are in demand in situations that require urgent medical care for victims during man-made disasters and natural disasters. They will also be the choice of entrepreneurs who care about the state of workers in their production.

Tasks that help to solve the order of a modular medical center

Modular FAPs have established themselves all over the world due to the performance of tasks in field and remote conditions from inpatient medical institutions. Thanks to their use, the following tasks can be solved:

Providing primary care and solving serious problems. If you compare modular FAPs and regular health posts, the former win due to the number of tasks that can be performed on their basis. The frame buildings are equipped for urgent surgeries, isolation of patients, and delivery is also possible.

Mobile redeployment. Modular health posts made it possible to move quickly in order to urgently rescue the sick and wounded in extreme conditions.

Advantages of buying modular FAPs

Modular medical centers have a number of advantages:

  • Multifunctionality. Modular medical centers include 3 types of buildings: administrative, waiting area for patients and clinical room. The administrative complex of the modular FAP includes: the manager's office, the secretary's room and the finance department. The inspection module is equipped to keep people waiting for a doctor's appointment. The medical sector includes offices for receiving patients, carrying out the necessary medical measures, isolation rooms in case of infectious diseases and an office with sterilization equipment.
  • Speed of construction. The prefabricated modular medical center will allow you to build everything you need from scratch in a few days and connect it with utilities. This was made possible by the LSTK system, which is used by the metal frame factory.
  • It's easier than a constructor. The assembly is carried out on the principle of Lego. The design and methods of assembling modular FAPs provide for an increased speed of building construction. The buyer can install the necessary design in 1-2 days.

Where is it better to order modular FAPs?

The metal frame factory offers its customers an extensive catalog of modular medical centers. The manufacturer sells directly, so the buyer does not have to overpay for the services of intermediaries when buying a modular FAP. The price of a modular FAP is justified by the speed and convenience of construction. Delivery is carried out to all major cities of Ukraine.