Projects of multi-apartment frame houses

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Projects of multi-apartment frame houses in Ukraine

Prefabricated apartment buildings made of LSTK are becoming more and more popular among developers as they are economically viable. The use of modular construction technologies allows you to quickly put a building into operation and immediately receive an investment income. The metal frame plant offers its customers projects of multi-apartment frame houses at affordable prices. You can order a standard project from us, which, if necessary, can be adapted to your needs.

Features of the construction of multi-apartment frame houses

The construction of frame apartment buildings has its own characteristics:

  • high construction speed;
  • no need for highly specialized equipment;
  • lightness, strength and durability of metal frames;
  • the possibility of building houses with different areas and layouts.

Why do you need a project of an apartment building from LSTK?

Without a correctly drawn up and executed project, it is impossible to obtain a permit for the construction of an apartment building and be sure of its quality. Projects of multi-apartment frame houses from our company include: accurate calculations, drawings, a list and characteristics of all necessary materials, a detailed layout indicating the location of all structures and much more. The cost of a design solution depends on the level of complexity, the area of ​​the building, and the availability of additional options.

You can order projects of multi-apartment frame houses of European quality and buy the necessary for the construction of LSTK at the metal frame plant. Delivery of structures is carried out throughout Ukraine, additional information can be obtained by calling the number indicated on the website.