Prefabricated cottages

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Prefabricated houses and cottages from the "Plant of metal frames" - create comfort with us

The Metal Frames Plant company produces modules for the construction of prefabricated cottages. You can order a compact country house or a comfortable mansion for a family. The construction will be completed on time and you will receive the block in accordance with the stated requirements.

The modular cottage is a prefabricated structure that consists of individual metal sections. They are manufactured in compliance with accepted norms and standards. At the same time, quality materials are used and an inspection is carried out at each stage of production. The blocks are delivered to the construction site of the prefabricated cottage in finished form. Sending is carried out to any region of Ukraine. To build a house, it is enough to connect the elements together using reliable fasteners.

When using light steel thin-walled structures (LSTK), the cottage is being built in a short time. You can choose a typical object from the catalog, as well as order the production of blocks according to an individual project. In the latter case, when creating frame cottages, accompanying factors are taken into account, which include climatic conditions, landscape, etc.

Construction of modular cottages: the main advantages

Modular cottages have a lot of advantages over buildings, the construction of which was carried out according to the usual technology. And it's not just about the speed of making blocks and assembling them. Advantages of cottages from LSTK:

  1. acceptable cost. Prices are calculated per square meter and frame cottages are cheaper than classic houses;
  2. minimization of work during installation. For the construction of cottages from LSTK, pouring of the foundation is not required;
  3. design mobility. Modular cottages are easy to dismantle and move to a new location. If you are planning a move, there is no need to build another house;
  4. strength and durability. Prefabricated cottages are manufactured using proven materials and technologies.
  5. construction warranty for more than 75 years;
  6. energy efficiency of houses is not comparable with those of cottages, which are made of gas blocks or red bricks.
Modular cottages retain heat well. Their construction is possible in any climatic conditions.

Modular cottages and their variety

By contacting our company, you can order modular cottages in different designs. Choose one- or multi-storey structures, indicate the desired layout. Regardless of preferences, construction will take a minimum of time.

Prefabricated cottages are assembled from modules that can be finished inside and outside with certain materials. It can be paint, decorative panels, etc. We will help you recreate your dream home, just contact the managers. The consultants will take into account the wishes and offer projects of modular cottages that correspond to the requests. The plus is that during construction, engineering communications are brought to the houses. You will be provided with all the conditions for a comfortable stay.

Modular cottages from the "Plant of Metal Frames" - contact the professionals!

When building prefabricated cottages, seek professional help. Working in the segment since 2009, we understand the nuances of block production. You will receive durable, reliable and comfortable modular cottages suitable for living in any city in Ukraine and outside the country. They meet sanitary standards, fire safety requirements. Take the opportunity to buy modules for the construction of prefabricated cottages to keep up with the times!