Frame garages

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LSTK garage - a modern house for your car

Want to get a garage? Buying a capital structure is an expensive pleasure, and you need to take care of the safety of your four -wheeled “friend”. In this case, the rapidly alternative garages from Frame Factory will be an excellent alternative. They, like classic buildings, will protect the car from bad weather (rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation), mechanical damage and hijackers. But this does not exhaust the advantages of structures of this type. Most importantly, the price of building frame garages is several times lower than brick and other analogues. You will save a significant amount of money.

The rapidly vegetable garage is created according to a verified technology using LSTK. In this case, self -cut and bolted joints are used. The construction of a garage from LSTK is an ideal solution when the task is to build such a building outside the settlements. For example, if you need to build a washing complex or a service station station.

Arguments "For" order of garages from LSTK

The pluses of the construction of garages from metal structures:

High speed of construction - it will take only a few weeks.
Installation is carried out manually, without attracting heavy equipment and many builders, due to the lightweight of rapidly vegetable garages. Installation is carried out in any weather.
Mobility. If necessary, the frame garage without problems is raised by an autocrane, transferred to a special platform and transported to a new place. The modular design can be collected again without prejudice to its quality.
High level of comfort. The garage plan is developed in accordance with the wishes of the client.
Safety. Thanks to lightness, the rapidly vegetable garages are installed on problem soils and in seismoactive areas.
Light weight allows you to install a garage from LSTK on any foundation. The costs are minimal.
Do not wait for shrinkage after construction, you can immediately start the interior decoration of the frame garage.
The galvanized frame is not subjected to fire, a garage from metal structures can be safely attached to the house.
Light interior decoration thanks to even walls will also save money and time.
The durable service life is more than 50 years.
Examples of implementation of a couple of projects of our company

Order frame garages in Frame Factory

Our company has its own production, which is which each stage is controlled. This guarantees the client an excellent quality and affordable price of rapidly vested garages. It is possible to deliver the rapidly vegetable garages in the production of Frame Factory through the territory of Ukraine (Lutsk, Rivne, Kyiv, etc.).

We offer to get acquainted with our catalog and the cost of frame garages. We always listen to the wishes of the customer, make changes to the proposed options or carry out a project on copyright sketches in a short time. Call and we will calculate the cost of building a garage from LSTK!

Features of order and production

The work uses only certified in Ukraine and safe materials that we deliver directly from suppliers. Therefore, the life of our rapidly vested garages is durable, they will not be destroyed suddenly from corrosion, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, etc.

The garage from LSTK is insulated, which makes the stay in it more comfortable, improves sound insulation. If desired, it is equipped with windows, sectional gates, etc. The installation of such a frame garage is performed in any weather in a matter of days, you only need to prepare a flat concrete site in advance. Call Frame Factory and buy a modern frame garage for your car!