Pre-fabricated Hangars Farms

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LSTK farms - a reliable solution for agriculture

Lightweight steel thin-walled structures (LSTC) are gaining popularity in the construction of facilities for agriculture. LSTK trusses are a combination of reliability, strength and durability. Prefabricated structures are often rectangular, triangular or trapezoidal in shape. You can buy an economically viable frame truss at a manufacturer's price at our metal frame factory. We offer quality products from durable materials with delivery across Ukraine.

Advantages of LSTK farms

LSTK trusses have many advantages over structures built using other technologies:

  1. Building assembly takes less time than traditional construction.
  2. The use of highly specialized construction equipment is not required.
  3. LSTK profiles are lightweight and do not take up much space during transportation.
  4. Modular structures are durable, do not rot and pests.
  5. The ability to manufacture metal structures of various shapes and sizes, which allows you to realize all the wishes of the customer.
  6. The basis for the manufacture of the truss is LSTK, which are made of galvanized metal that does not lend itself to corrosion.
  7. In such premises, it is easy to maintain certain parameters of temperature and humidity, which is important for farming activities.
  8. The cost of building with modular technology is lower than when using materials such as brick or concrete.

LSTK farms have become indispensable in progressive agriculture due to their practicality and ease of construction. They are widely used for keeping livestock, vegetable growing, it is a profitable investment.

How is the installation of trusses carried out?

Frame structures should only be installed by experienced workers. The installation of the LSTK truss is carried out on the ground and begins with a series connection of all modules according to the scheme. After that, the finished structure is lifted by a crane and installed in the desired position. Ease of transportation of metal frame elements allows you to erect a structure in places where it is difficult to drive heavy lifting equipment. The safe operation of the farm is guaranteed by compliance with all technical requirements specified in the project documentation.

Where to order a farm from LSTK?

The metal frame plant offers a large selection of trusses and other structures made of LSTK. For the manufacture of products, modern equipment and proven materials are used. The production processes are automated, which makes it possible to achieve high precision of finished LSTC. In the catalog you can see typical projects of standard modular trusses. Also, our company can make designs according to customers' orders. The price of modular farms depends on the size and configuration. Find out more information by calling the phone number listed on our website. Contact us, we will help you to implement your agricultural business project as soon as possible!