Prefabricated hangars

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Prefabricated hangars - construction of facilities using proven technologies

Prefabricated hangars - buildings made of metal structures used for storing goods, placing machinery and equipment. They are in demand in agriculture, industry, as well as in the production of various types of products. The company "Plant of Metal Frames" produces pre-fabricated hangars (warehouses) of the required size and shape.

A minimum of time is spent for the construction of frame hangars. Their delivery is carried out to any city in Ukraine, including Kiev, Odessa, Krivoy Rog. The price for the manufacture of prefabricated hangars from LSTK and the cost of transport services are calculated by the manager. For full information, call the phone numbers indicated on the website.

For convenience, the portal offers a catalog of objects that can be built from produced blocks. Here are their parameters. Browse through the options for frame hangars and choose your preferred one. If you do not find the optimal solution, you can order custom-made production.

Pre-fabricated hangars from light metal structures and their advantages

Manufacturing and construction of pre-fabricated hangars takes a minimum of time. We comply with the agreed deadlines, and therefore you will receive your order without delay. The advantages of modular objects are as follows:

Simple assembly. Frame hangars are easy to assemble; only fasteners (bolts) are needed to connect them.
Dismantling and transportation. Prefabricated hangars (warehouses) are quite mobile. If necessary, you can disassemble the structure and transport it. Subsequent assembly of the frame hangar will not cause problems and will not reduce performance.
Accommodation in a convenient location. Hangars made of LSTK can be placed on any territory.

You can buy modules for the further construction of warm or cold warehouses. They differ in their performance, the presence or absence of internal insulation. It is necessary to select frame hangars depending on the conditions of their operation. If you cannot choose an option, please contact the managers for help.

Construction of hangars (prefabricated buildings) from LSTK - reliability from "Frame Factory"

Frame hangars manufactured in our company meet modern quality standards. Thanks to the availability of technological facilities, we carry out control at every stage of production. Our frame hangars attract attention with the following characteristics:

Strength and durability of the structure. When designing pre-fabricated metal hangars, specialists take into account all the nuances. These include: loads on structural elements, weather conditions, etc. This ensures the strength of the frame hangars and their long service life.
Reliability and safety. Prefabricated garages (hangars) are designed in such a way that the goods, machinery or equipment placed inside are completely safe. For this, high-quality fasteners and locks are used in frame hangars.
Acceptable cost. The prices set for prefabricated hangar buildings depend on the desired characteristics. To calculate the amount, submit an application on the website.

Order frame hangars right now by calling the managers of the company. We can create modules both for a single object and for a warehouse complex.