Construction of modular buildings

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Modular houses are guaranteed high quality constructions at an affordable price. This is a quick turnkey construction of buildings and long-term operation of buildings with the ability to order services from professionals. Frame Factory modular houses are designed in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the use of only high quality materials.

Turnkey construction of modular buildings includes all stages of work in a short time. Frame Factory specializes in the production and maintenance of modern metal structures, taking into account all the requirements and standards for such buildings and performs all work cycles as quickly as possible and with a quality guarantee. We inspect the site and take measurements, develop a project and coordinate it with the customer, select the best materials, create the foundation and assemble the building with all the necessary utilities.
The construction of modular houses makes it possible to save time and money for construction. The customer does not need to independently engage in the selection and search of materials, hiring workers, monitoring the work. It is enough to agree on the wishes with the contractor and get the finished object on time.
Modular prefabricated houses are buildings suitable for year-round use. Their construction is inexpensive and does not take much time. It is possible to build residential, commercial and industrial buildings, completely ready for use.
Modular houses are a lightweight foundation, quick assembly and structural reliability. If necessary, in the future (during operation), you can easily increase the number of storeys of buildings by adding modules. Choose modern technology - it is always beneficial.