Projects of Pre-fabricated one-story houses

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Modular hotel projects - a profitable solution for your business

Modular hotels are in great demand among developers who want to make a profitable investment and receive a return on investment. Ready-made projects of frame hotels allow you to quickly put the building into operation and develop the hotel business. Prefabricated hotels are in demand not only in resort areas and tourist cities, but also in any settlements where visitors have no place to stay. You can order an economically viable project of a frame mini-hotel at a manufacturer's price at our metal frame factory.

Advantages of modular hotel construction

Hotels from LSTK have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • It is possible to obtain permits for the construction of a modular hotel as soon as possible.
  • Inexpensive foundations are suitable for the building, since the metal structures are lightweight.
  • The frame of the modular hotel is strong and durable.
  • Professional installation, depending on the complexity of the frame hotel project, takes only a few weeks.
  • The cost of building a hotel from LSTK is lower than with standard construction.
  • A variety of materials are suitable for the exterior and interior decoration of a frame hotel.

Why are modular hotel projects needed?

Professional projects of frame hotels are required to obtain a building permit. Also, a well-executed project is a guarantee of the safe operation of the building. Design includes: all engineering calculations, preparation of drawings, estimates, design of the architectural and technical part of the plan, and much more. Only professionals with practical experience in this field should deal with projects of modular buildings from metal frames.

In the catalog of our company you can familiarize yourself with standard projects of frame hotels with different storeys and layouts. Each design solution can be adapted to the needs of the customer, since modular construction technologies allow you to quickly modify and supplement the structure. We deliver components for the creation of frame hotels in all major cities of Ukraine. Additional questions on the projects of frame mini-hotels can be asked to the manager by the phone number indicated on the website.