Prefabricated trade pavilions

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Prefabricated trade pavilions are your successful business!

Have you decided to start your own business, but cannot find a suitable premises? Is everything either too expensive, does it not fit your idea, or is it in the wrong place? There is a solution - buy a frame trade pavilion from the "Frame Factory" manufacturing company. This inexpensive prefabricated modular structure made of LSTC will be tailored to your needs, taking into account the specifics of your business and location. Most often, prefabricated commercial buildings are ordered for trade on the street, markets.

Prefabricated retail premises and their advantages

Frame pavilions have a lot of advantages for business:

  1. Budget solution. The cost of such frame structures is several times cheaper than capital construction. Having invested once in a pavilion from the LSTK, you do not need to spend cosmic sums every month for renting premises.
  2. High speed of production and assembly. Within a couple of weeks, you will start earning.
  3. The ability to install the store in the most cost-effective location.
  4. High level of mobility. Frame pavilions, if necessary, can always be moved to another place. They will save you money on costs if you decide to terminate your lease.
  5. No need to prepare special acts for construction and many other documentation. This will make it easier to start a business.
  6. The ability to independently choose the layout of the premises for the needs of a particular business.

If the outlet is located in the right place with high traffic of buyers and made convenient for them, then sales will only grow! Therefore, we propose to build a business with us - order prefabricated commercial buildings and earn!

Why is it worth buying frame pavilions at Frame Factory?

All our pre-fabricated trade pavilions are built on our own turnkey production line. Materials are ordered directly from reliable suppliers. This guarantees high quality, compliance with all standards and an affordable price. We create modular structures based on a strong frame that can withstand high loads, insulate with environmentally friendly material and sheathe with panels in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

To choose a pavilion from LSTK that suits you, check out our catalog. If nothing fits, then contact our managers. They will create a project for your needs and calculate its cost. We send ready-made prefabricated retail premises throughout Ukraine (Lviv, Dnipro, Kherson, etc.).

Frame Factory will help you start a business with minimal investment, call us!