Modular house projects

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Ready-made house projects from LSTK for a quick start of construction

LSTK technology is widely used for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Prefabricated houses from light steel thin-walled structures are one of the most cost-effective and prompt construction options. The finished projects of houses from LSTK are offered to its customers by a metal frame plant. This is a profitable investment that will help you quickly organize a business project and make a profit. We have prepared standard designs of houses from LSTK for every taste and budget at a price from the manufacturer.

Advantages of modular houses

Designing houses from LSTK is a demanded service, since frame buildings have many advantages:

  1. Installation of a house, depending on the size and number of storeys, takes several weeks.
  2. Construction can be carried out at any time of the year without the involvement of heavy lifting equipment.
  3. Modular houses are made from environmentally friendly, flame-resistant materials.
  4. LSTK are not exposed to decay, insect-parasites and do not require special maintenance.
  5. Projects of houses made of metal structures provide for different options for external and internal decoration.
  6. If necessary, the structure can be easily disassembled and reassembled at a new location.
  7. The cost of constructing a building from LSTK is lower than other construction options.

Why do you need a modular house project?

Projects of houses using LSTK technology are needed in order to obtain a building permit and have a complete idea of ​​what the finished building will be like. The finished project is more than a schematic representation of the future building. A professional project of a modular house from LSTK includes: precise engineering calculations, a detailed architectural and technical building plan, drawings, an estimate with a list of all the necessary metal structures and other building materials. In the catalog of our company, you can familiarize yourself with the range and cost of standard projects of modular houses from light thin-walled profiles.

What are the projects of houses from LSTK?

Projects of houses from LSTK can be different in complexity, layout, area and number of storeys of the building. You can find a thoughtful design solution for a small one-story house or for a spacious building of 2 - 3 floors. The layout in finished projects of houses from LSTK is most often practical, but there are also buildings with a non-standard architectural approach. There are also many options for siding and interior decoration. You can choose materials from different price segments for any project of frame houses from LSTK, so you can get an original residential building that reflects your style.

Where to order a frame house project?

In Ukraine, projects of modular residential buildings can be ordered at our metal frame plant. We offer cost-effective and carefully calculated integrated design solutions to get the construction started as soon as possible. Using a ready-made project, you can quickly get your own home or receive a return on investment. Prices for modular house projects depend on their complexity, the availability of additional options and other factors. A typical solution can be adapted taking into account the wishes of the customer, since the LSTK technology is flexible enough and can be adjusted to any needs.

You can order projects of frame houses from LSTK and everything you need for modular construction on our website. Delivery is carried out to Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. Detailed information on the design of houses from LSTK can be obtained by calling the phone number indicated on our website.