Prefabricated buildings for production

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Prefabricated buildings for production: construction, technology and organization

Industrial modular buildings will help create modern conditions for conducting various business processes. Construction is carried out using innovative technologies, which speeds up and saves the building process, which accordingly reduces the payback period !.

Industrial prefabricated buildings are energy efficient. During construction, most of the buildings are constructed without "wet" processes. Installation of walls and roofs is carried out using bolted joints or welding, which means that construction can be carried out in any weather.

Prefabricated production halls have another important quality - an acceptable cost due to the reduced load on the foundation.

What are the prefabricated industrial buildings

To create a solid and reliable structure in a short time, various technologies are used in construction. Depending on the design features, prefabricated buildings for production are:

  1. frame;
  2. modular (container).

Frame industrial buildings are mounted on the construction site, where, first of all, the base island is assembled, then it is strengthened and the rest of the elements are installed.

Modular industrial buildings made of LSTC are based on a ready-made block delivered to the site. LSTK is a frame structure based on a light steel thin-walled structure. It is possible to construct prefabricated production buildings from block containers in a short time.

Prefabricated industrial buildings: the main advantages in construction

The construction of prefabricated buildings has a number of advantages, including:

  • transportability;
  • acceptable price;
  • reliability;
  • speed of work execution;
  • long service life (up to 100 years).

Prefabricated industrial buildings can reduce utility costs by 30-70%. In the construction of modules, high-quality materials are used, which are manufactured by a specialized plant, which makes it possible to monitor the quality control of the blocks.

Prefab industrial buildings are used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings that do not require a dozen government permits. Accordingly, prefabricated industrial buildings are not considered capital property.

Prefabricated buildings for production: economic benefits and environmental safety

Prefabricated industrial buildings allow you to choose a layout for a specific client. The construction of a two-, three-storey new building is carried out in two months. Prefabricated buildings for production are equipped with all communications. You can order and buy a structure through the company's catalog.

Depending on the building elements for prefabricated industrial buildings, the price includes the cost of materials, payment, profitability, etc. Industrial buildings from LSTK are mobile and do not need expensive maintenance.


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