Projects of Pre-fabricated cottages

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Projects of cottages from LSTK in Ukraine

The prefabricated cottages from LSTK are gaining more and more popularity every year. For the finished house to be durable and comfortable for living, preliminary design is important. Projects of cottages from LSTK can be ordered at the metalwork plant. We offer ready-made design solutions that are easily adaptable to customer requirements and are cost-effective.

Advantages of modular cottages

Cottages built using modular construction technology have a number of advantages:

  • building installation is carried out in a short time;
  • the absence of shrinkage of houses from LSTC allows you to start siding immediately after construction;
  • insulation can be done in different ways;
  • no need to use special lifting equipment;
  • savings in foundation costs due to the light weight of the metal profiles.
  • What is included in the cottage project?

Projects of cottages from LSTK include: engineering calculations, development of drawings, preparation of the architectural and technical part of the plan, paperwork. The cost depends on the complexity of the design solution, the availability of additional options.

A building permit cannot be obtained without a project, so it is better to entrust its preparation to professionals. In the catalog on the site, you can familiarize yourself with typical projects of frame cottages. The production of metal frames at our plant is organized in accordance with modern standards. We offer customers to buy reliable products for modular construction at affordable prices. Delivery is made to Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. Find out more information by calling the phone number listed on our website.