Modular change houses

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Modular living quarters - mobile structures for comfortable work and relaxation

A modular change house is a mobile structure, with the help of which it is possible to erect in a short time: warehouses, security posts, canteens and other objects. It is actively used to organize living space both in summer cottages and on sites allocated for construction and other business segments.

Metal trailers are quickly installed, easily dismantled and transported to a new location. If necessary, you can assemble several modules, and then you get a building with a wide range of uses.
Prefabricated cabins are designed for temporary accommodation of people. With their help, you will create comfortable living conditions for workers, as well as provide resting places for participants in visiting conferences and competitions. At the same time, you do not need to spend a lot of time on building objects. Call our managers, place an order and get high-quality metal cabins in a short time.
Metal change house - general characteristics
Quick-assembled modular cabins made of LSTK are small buildings. They are mobile, made in the form of a container. It can also be collapsible structures, which allows you to build two-story objects. Modular buildings consist of a steel frame. The walls are paneled, roof and floor are also equipped. You can choose a model with a welded frame. In this case, the structure cannot be disassembled. After the installation of modular residential trailers, their transportation is possible only as a whole.

For the convenience of moving the object, choose models with a collapsible frame. Such cabins are being transformed, which makes it easier to transport them to a new construction site. You will compactly lay the elements, and therefore, when moving, it will take less effort and time.

The service life of prefabricated metal cabins varies from 15 to 20 years. With adequate operation, the object will serve for a long time without the need for costs for its maintenance.

Prefabricated cabins - where are the modules used?

Change houses (modular structures) are widespread. They are used as summer cottages, storage facilities for household goods. But the most popular are LSTK modules in the construction industry. When erecting buildings and structures outside the city limits, places for the resettlement of workers are necessary. Modular living quarters allow a large number of employees to be accommodated in a short time, offering them comfortable conditions.

Another option for using prefabricated structures is for resettlement of people in an emergency. If the residents of the city were left homeless due to an earthquake, flooding and other natural disasters, then the victims can be quickly placed in residential trailers.

In addition to the construction segment, change houses (modular buildings) are in demand as security posts. They can be placed in car parks, in customs terminals, in the area near shopping centers and office buildings. Security posts are equipped with windows along the entire perimeter, which provides maximum visibility.

You can also buy a change house made of metal for organizing tire works. If you need to expand your business, then it is enough to order one or more modules.
Change houses (modular houses) to accommodate workers - fast, simple, reliable
By purchasing trailers (cabins-modules) for workers, you will comprehensively solve the problems with accommodation. We offer not only standard lounges, but also additional modules for organizing work, hygiene and food. The basic module can be equipped for a living space, and also perform the following functions:

  • Dining room.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Laundry.
  • Shower room.
  • Office or foreman.
  • Negotiation point.
By purchasing several wagons at the same time, you can expand the facility and provide workers engaged in construction with maximum comfort. Often, a shower and a laundry room are combined in one module of the change house. This allows you to reduce costs for the installation of utilities. Browse the available solutions in the catalog on the website and place an order. For detailed information on prices, production times, check with our managers.

How to choose the right quick-assembly modular cabins?

Prefabricated change house modules must meet quality and safety standards. In their production, we use the best materials, which guarantees reliability and long service life. But when choosing a change house on a metal frame, you need to take into account the following parameters:

Insulation type. It depends on him how comfortable it will be to live in a trailer in a harsh climate. We use modern materials that retain heat indoors even when the temperature drops to -35 ° C. They meet the requirements of standards in the non-flammability segment.
The possibility of installing engineering communications. In some types of change houses (modular houses), additional systems cannot be installed after the commissioning of the object.
The quality of the materials used for the decoration. Linoleum, wall panels, double-glazed windows, which we use in the production of railonchik, do not emit toxic substances. We use a high-quality metal profile to create a change house (frame) that is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

Check modular prices for change houses with managers and place an order for the manufacture of structures.

Manufacturing technology of prefabricated cabins

In the production of prefabricated building cabins, we adhere to a certain technology. This allows you to create high-quality designs that will last for more than a dozen years. The first stage in the production of a change house is a frame. It is assembled from metal. Then comes the turn of the outer skin. The frame is covered with metal or wood panels, it is also possible to use sandwich panels. After sheathing, the roof is mounted. In most cases, it is flat; galvanized steel is used as a coating. It is possible to arrange a small slope necessary for draining precipitation.

Having completed the exterior work, we move on to interior decoration. The walls (and sometimes even the floor and ceiling) are sheathed with materials that retain heat. These include: drywall, MDF, mineral wool. For laying the floor, metal, wood or chipboard are used. From above, the surface is covered with linoleum. Then doors and windows are installed, additional equipment is mounted.

Quality control is carried out at each stage of production and assembly of the change house (module). The work is carried out by professionals, and therefore a violation of the technology is excluded. You can order LSTK modules right now by checking the cost with the managers.

Types of planning of change houses made of metal

Prices for modular trailers (cabins) directly depend on the area, materials used, the need for additional equipment and the chosen layout. The latter allows you to create residential facilities for a comfortable stay of one or more people. The catalog contains all types of layouts available for order. You can choose a basic unit, which is a simple rectangular room. Its advantage is the maximum usable area.

To organize a comfortable resting place for several people, partitions inside the premises are used. The most popular layout is two isolated rooms with a corridor between them.

To preserve heat in low temperatures, trailers with a vestibule are in demand. The latter can be equipped as a dressing room, shoes can be stored here or inventory can be folded.

Take the opportunity to buy a modular change house by choosing the appropriate option. If you have any questions, get advice from the managers.
Finishing options for a modular living room
Prefabricated prefabricated utility rooms are distinguished by their comfort and mobility. Quality material is used for interior and exterior decoration. The ceiling and roof are thermally insulated and closed with barrier plugs. To ensure the safety of residents and exclude theft, strong metal doors are installed.

Here you can buy a modular trailer equipped with a bathroom, shower, kitchen. All the nuances are discussed with the managers when ordering. Thanks to the use of sandwich panels, the structure is quickly assembled and dismantled, acquiring a finished look.

If you plan to buy a prefabricated change house for household purposes (for storing inventory), then in its production you can use cheaper finishing materials. The main thing is that the technology will be followed, due to which the building will be warm and dry even in bad weather.
Complete set of modular change houses
If you need frame houses (change houses), you can buy them in our company. Production is carried out in a short time, taking into account the terms of the contract. We fulfill our obligations in full, and therefore you will receive high-quality trailers to accommodate people during construction and in other cases.

Upon purchase, the package includes the necessary fasteners, as well as additional elements (if they are provided for under the contract). The latter include stairs, ventilation hatches, etc.

Cooperate with a reliable manufacturer to get LSTK trailers just in time to accommodate people involved in construction and other types of work. Simplicity of design, ease of installation, availability of the required elements - everything is provided for quick installation of the module.

Advantages of modular residential trailers

Modular residential trailers are the optimal solution when you need to create places to accommodate people in a short time. Their advantages are as follows:

  • High strength and reliability of the metal frame.
  • Maintaining performance characteristics at temperature extremes.
  • Excellent protection against unauthorized entry into the premises.
  • Possibility to build a structure on several floors.
  • No need for foundation preparation.
  • Aesthetic appearance, compactness, unpretentious care.
  • Possibility of transportation to new construction sites (or other type of work).

The versatility and mobility of the trailers are their main advantages. By creating a comfortable working environment, you will increase production