Pre-fabricated Warehouse

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Warehouses from LSTK - a modern solution in the storage of property

Warehouses from LSTK are common in industry, manufacturing, agriculture and private use. Prefabricated frame rooms are used for long-term storage of: foodstuffs, inventory, medicines, clothes and other goods. Depending on the type of product, different requirements are imposed on the structure. On request, modular warehouses can be easily dismantled and transported to the desired point in the city.

Features of warehouses from LSTK

The basis of LSTK warehouses is a wear-resistant and rigid frame made of metal. It is sheathed with galvanized profiled sheet or sandwich panels. Its thickness is 0.7 - 3 mm. Zinc spraying equal to 18 mK is applied to steel parts. The surface density of the warehouse is 275 g / sq. Therefore, the LSTK storage facility is durable and resistant to corrosion processes, wind gusts, snow layers and various temperature fluctuations. Metal warehouse buildings made of modules are characterized by high fire safety.

Profiles come with holes prepared for mounting. Some parts are assembled at a metalwork plant. The increase in the speed of assembly of a warehouse from LSTK is due to the use of self-tapping joints and the absence of welding.

Advantages of LSTK technology in the construction of storage facilities

Mobile warehouses made of light steel thin-walled structures have a number of advantages over warehouses made of other materials.

The main advantage of modular warehouses is the price. The use of zinc-treated thin profiles reduces material consumption while maintaining strength. Therefore, the price for a modular warehouse is reduced.

Also worth noting:

  • Fast erection. All technological processes do without the preparation of mortars and the installation of LSTK warehouses takes less time.
  • Easy dismantling. If necessary, the modular warehouse can be easily disassembled, transported and reassembled at a new location. A standard freight transport is used to move the frame elements.
  • Changing the layout and size of the building. The warehouse is expanded with additional units as required. They can be purchased separately.
  • The lightweight construction of a warehouse made of LSTC does not require the pouring of a deep stationary foundation or reinforced concrete slabs and supports.
  • How to order the installation of a warehouse LSTK

The price of modular warehouses depends on the size of the premises and the number of storeys. Compact and multifunctional storage facilities with a free layout are created by our metalwork plant and are delivered throughout Ukraine (to Chernigov, Kiev, Sumy, etc.). Call us, our consultants will inform you about the cost, design stages, site preparation, frame assembly and cladding. Warehouse insulation can be ordered for an additional fee.

Hangars made of light steel thin-walled structures are always in demand, because they are economically viable. Having bought such a warehouse, you can easily sell or rent it. This is a profitable investment, so place your order soon!