Pre-fabricated panels

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Wall panels LSTK - a modern solution in building construction

LSTK wall panels are used in the construction of industrial, residential modular low-rise and multi-storey buildings. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete, wood or brick exterior wall installation techniques.

LSTK panel structure

The walls of buildings made of light steel thin-walled structures are presented in the form of frame panels equipped with cladding on both sides and insulation. They consist of C-shaped rack-mount thermal profiles and U-shaped thermal profile guides. The profile step is determined by the width of the insulation material. They are made from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel.

Exterior wall panels consist of:

  1. guiding thermoprofile;
  2. gypsum board;
  3. vapor barrier film;
  4. insulation that the customer prefers to buy;
  5. rack-mount thermoprofile;
  6. wind and moisture protection membrane;
  7. facade slab.

The frames of the LSTK wall panels are used for installation: external load-bearing walls, external built-in walls with window openings and curtain walls with a load-bearing structure of the building.

What features of LSTK panels should be taken into account when ordering?

Before purchasing panels made of lightweight steel thin-walled structures, pay attention to the advantages that the future building will have:

galvanized high-alloy steel reduces corrosion and increases the load-bearing capacity of the structure;
profiles are equipped with a notch, which reduces the path of heat flow and prevents freezing;
individual marking of parts eliminates the possibility of errors during panel assembly;
the presence of bulges makes the structure pre-fabricated;
reinforcing beams and braces prevent deformation;
external wall panels have sound, moisture and heat insulation.

The advantages of a house built using the LSTK technology will increase its value if you decide to sell or lease the building.

Order LSTK panels from the manufacturer

The price is formed by individual calculation, but when ordering at the factory, you will avoid unjustified markups of intermediaries. The cost, in addition to the production of the external wall panel, includes the installation of openings for windows, doors, sockets, places for fixing air conditioners and the organization of other additional elements. All nuances are taken into account in a special project for the customer. After the approval of the drawing, it is sent to the steel structure plant, where the production of panels begins.

You can order LSTK panels by phone numbers listed on the website. We deliver them all over Ukraine (to Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, etc.).